Haché Brasserie Holborn

High End Burgers |
Seats up to 100 |
£40+ per person
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    Haché Burgers, founded in 2004, has certainly evolved and expanded, updating our offerings with the rebranding of our Holborn site as Haché Brasserie in 2023.

    This transition has brought about some exciting changes, making it a versatile and accommodating dining option:

    While still featuring their famous burgers, the menu has now expanded to include a wider variety of options, such as steaks, grills, and pasta dishes. This expansion caters to a broader range of tastes.

    Private dining at Haché Brasserie Holborn

    The availability of a fully private dining room is a great asset. It provides both privacy and adaptability for various types of events and gatherings.

    The dedicated bar within the private dining room adds convenience for guests and ensures quick access to drinks and beverages.

    The separate entrance with stairs to the lower floor makes it easy for guests to access the private dining area, maintaining a distinct and exclusive atmosphere.

    Offering the option for guests to play their personal music using a headphone jack is a thoughtful touch, allowing for a customised and immersive experience.

    The availability of a TV for slide shows or presentations enhances the room’s versatility, making it suitable for business meetings or special events.

    With flexible seating arrangements for up to 50 people or the option to host up to 60 for a standing reception, the room can cater to different group sizes and event styles.

    The selection of group menus, as well as brunch, sharing, and canapé options, provides guests with a variety of dining choices to suit their preferences and event requirements.

    Overall, Haché Brasserie’s Holborn site is a well-rounded and adaptable venue for hosting a wide range of events and gatherings, from intimate dinners to larger receptions and business meetings.