Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square, Westminster, has a symbolic place in the heart of Londoners, representing a focus point in British political and cultural heritage. It is home to the National Gallery, Nelson’s Column and various contemporary and controversial art installations, and has provided a stage for many political events over the decades. You will have no problem in finding transport to Trafalgar Square; as well as tube and bus routes, the area has been recently pedestrianised. It is a key feature for any tour of London, and a classic location for corporate private dining.

The Admiralty Private Dining Image The Admirals Cabin 1
The Admiralty
Traditional British |
Seats up to 100 |
£40+ per person

The Admiralty is a Fuller’s pub located slap bang in the middle of Trafalgar Square in the centre of London. The private dining rooms at The Admiralty can accommodate 16 – 100 seated guests or 25 – 150 guests for standing drinks receptions.

Clarence 1
The Clarence
Modern British |
Seats up to 40 |
£0+ per person

The Beefeater Room at The Clarence, close to Trafalgar Square, can seat up to 40 private dining guests and up to 60 for standing receptions.

The Northall
British |
Seats up to 30 |
£90+ per person

The private dining room at The Northall can accomodate between 15 to 30 seated guests for events.