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Corporate Client Portfolio

We are the ‘go-to’ resource, search facility and advice provider for companies all over the world looking to book private dining events in London and the UK.

Whether those events are for private functions or corporate group dining events such as breakfast meetings, board lunches, networking events, private dinners or that old gem, the Office Christmas Party or glittering product launch, Private Dining Rooms lists London and the UK’s largest selection of private dining rooms in restaurants, hotels, venues, pubs, bars and clubs.

Our comprehensive industry knowledge of London’s best private dining rooms, combined with our complete discretion, has made us the ‘tried & trusted’ first point of call for high profile corporate event organisers around the world.

In addition, our free venue finding service for private dining rooms – run by real humans! – is highly valued by leading corporate administrators, PA’s and events’ organisers, enabling us to take the pain out of finding suitable venues.

For many Private Dining Rooms has become their bookmarked daily go-to venue search engine to keep up to date with what’s new, what’s hot and what’s the perfect venue for each and every occasion.

Companies we work with regularly range from law firms, banks, accountancy and insurance companies, to advertising firms, social media businesses, newspapers and many more.

Our corporate client portfolio below is testament to our dedication to providing corporate event organisers the best possible service.

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