Quinton Bennett

Quinton BennettHow long have you been at the restaurant?
Since December 2012.

Which was the first restaurant you worked in?
It was a 30 seater fine dining restaurant called Villa Belmonte. It was located in a small, 5 star boutique hotel nestled under Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

What was the last London restaurant you went to, apart from your own?
Roux at Parliament Square.

What or who has been the biggest influence on the way you cook and why?
Everything influences the way I cook, from people, chefs, nature, life experiences, the weather, mother nature. Cooking is a life style, a journey and one should always be evolving.

What is your personal signature dish?
I don’t really have one, I really try and let the seasons and nature help me create our dishes.

Which other chef’s do you most admire?
Thomas Keller, Gordon Manuel, Liam Tomlin, Andrew Jones, The Roux family, Rudi Liebenberg and Anton Edelmann

What’s the best part of your job?
Creating dishes, discovering new ingredients, cooking methods and techniques.

And the worst?
Paper work and emails, but it is the way of the world and I’ve accepted it is not going to change!

What would your last meal be? My mother’s fresh spaghetti bolognese with a handful of strong parmesan cheese.

Do you have a chef’s shortcut that you can share with us?
There are no shortcuts just a different way to get a result!