Sergio Sanz

Sergio SanzHow long have you been at the restaurant?
From January 2013.

Which was the first restaurant you worked in?
‘Hacienda Benazuza, elBulli Hotel in Seville, Spain.

What was the last London restaurant you went to, apart from your own?
‘Dinner’ by Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

What or who has been the biggest influence on the way you cook and why?
Every place I worked moulded me in different ways. Sometimes the head chef, sometimes the environment, colleagues, customers, books…etc

What is your personal signature dish?
Risotto of shellfish paella. A different way of the traditional rice dish, with the same great flavour.

Which other chef’s) do you most admire?
The ‘Arzak’ family’ because the success of their restaurant and the way they have achieved that.

What’s the best part of your job?
To manage a passionate team of chefs.

And the worst?
A discontent customer.

What would your last meal be?
Cannelloni from my mother.

Do you have a chef’s shortcut that you can share with us?
After working with garlic, clean your hands and utensils under running water. Never rub your hands as the smell will then rub into your skin. The smell will disappear with just running water.