Icebar London review

Cool is not the word. It’s downright freezing. Well -5C actually. This trendy restaurant/bar/lounge at the end of Heddon Street is unique in London. With a bar made entirely of ice imported from the Torne River in Sweden, this is definitely one for those looking for something different. Guests don designer blue capes with white fur trims for 40 minute sessions in the ICEBAR, which serves cocktails in ice glasses as well as seats and bar rests made of ice. Funky multi-coloured lighting adds to the assault on the senses as do the delicate and intricate carvings within the ice walls which are changed annually when the bar gets totally rebuilt. But you can’t spend all night in an ice bar, and this venue cleverly mixes warmth and cosiness with its frostiness.

The Moose Dining Room and Reindeer Lounge occupy the whole of the basement floor – their exposed brickwork vaulted ceilings hark back to their origins as the monarchy’s wine vaults. Now, though, it has a rich and warm feel, with red velvet curtains, chocolate brown leather seating and golden voile partitioning. Plasma screens in each room can feature crackling fires – or sporting events or promo videos – depending on guest preferences. It screams cosiness and wintry evenings, and would be perfect for Christmas events. Catering includes sit down dinners to substantial canapé and drinks receptions with canapé favourites including pork belly, sage and stewed apple; and salt and pepper prawns.

At the far end of the Moose Room is the Husky Vault, a leather banquette lined U-shape, complete with private TV screen and oversize cushions. The Reindeer Lounge features a panelled bar which verges on psychedelic lime green quartz effect, and is topped with glass baubles hanging delicately above like spherical icicles. Upstairs, the Wolf bar provides a great networking space for up to 70 guests. With banquettes, stripped wooden floors, a DJ and award winning cocktails, it is also able to be curtained off to allow for a degree of privacy. The whole venue can be hired for exclusive use (270 capacity), each area separately, or the whole basement (Reindeer and Moose rooms- 180 standing capacity), which can also be accessed directly from street level ensuring extra privacy for guests entering and leaving if needed.