Corrigan’s review

Private Fine Dining in Mayfair, London

This part of town is famous for its serious business restaurants and fine dining rooms. The neighbouring streets are filled with powerhouses, five star hotels and of course the American Embassy. Corrigan’s Mayfair reflects the gravitas of the area. Its highly polished wood, its plush seating and stylish bar all ensure the feel is of a serious restaurant serving serious food and wine – and of course it is.

With its fine dining credentials firmly in place, this is no wisp of an eatery and nor are the PDRs. As you’d expect from a restaurant owned by a chef, two of the rooms are “chef’s tables” with views of the pass and wider kitchen. The Chef’s Table seats 12 on a dark wood table with mid blue leather directors’ chairs. It’s an elegant, old-fashioned room with hunting influences,  reminiscent of a hunting lodge dining room. The dark walls are adorned with antlers, and artwork is of birds, but the masculinity of the room is softened by the floor to ceiling glass window looking onto the kitchen, and the modern chandelier.

Next door is the Kitchen Library, a small oval space totally taken up with a ‘C’ shaped banquette and a fabulous wooden table. The back wall is stuffed full off cookery books. You can imagine it might have been a chef’s office in the days before chef’s tables became popular – but it really is a fun space. Guests in these rooms can chat with the chefs but if you don’t want to spend your whole meal listening to the rigours of service, there are curtains and glass doors in each of the rooms, to allow for a modicum of privacy – not to mention air-conditioning.

If you can’t stand the heat….. There’s one other PDR, the Lindsay Room – a fully functioning stately home-esque dining room. A large table fills the room and can seat up to 24 guests. There’s a scalloped ceiling with striking chandelier offset by a huge mirror over a marble fireplace, the mantelpiece of which has two oversized lampshades and a choice selection of Corrigan’s career highlights, from awards to pictures. Candles are dotted around, the double doors (fire exit) are in an art deco style and complement the room, the linen is ironed, the cutlery is silver…this is elegance distilled down to a fine art and used for everything from corporate lunches and dinners to special personal events including birthdays and anniversaries. There is a minimum spend depending on room and time of booking.