Corrigan’s Mayfair

British |
Seats up to 80 |
£65+ per person
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    Discreet, inviting, exclusive and renowned for good food, the private dining rooms at Corrigan’s Mayfair exude a distinct charm of genuine hospitality coupled with first class service and superb cooking.

    Chef Edward Dutton will gladly create a specific menu for your occasion, or you can select from our private dining menus. Like Richard Corrigan his approach is heavily influenced by the seasons and working with first-rate ingredients.

    Private dining rooms at Corrigan’s

    There are four elegant private rooms to choose from:

    The Chef’s Table seats up to 14 people and has a full view of the kitchen through a glass panel. Warm and club-like, this room allows you to see the action but at the same time be somewhat removed from it.

    The Lindsay Room (so called after Richard Corrigan’s previous restaurant of the same name in Soho) can seat 24 at one oval table. Richard’s own collection of artwork adorns the walls.

    The Kitchen Library seats up to six people and is right next to the pass, the area in the kitchen where dishes are handed over to the waiting staff en route to the dining room so there is plenty of action to watch as you dine. Part of Richard Corrigan’s extensive library of cookery books shows a wide and eclectic interest in food. This is a warm and intimate space and its proximity to the action of the kitchen makes it very unique.

    The Poet’s Corner is set in an inspiring corner of the main restaurant overlooking the drama and excitement of one of London’s finest restaurants. The Poet’s Corner seats up to 10 people and is screened off from the main restaurant by a curtain allowing you and your guests to sit back and enjoy the privacy of your own space amidst the buzzing atmosphere of the main restaurant.

    All private rooms offer no room hire fee.