Bluebird Chelsea review

It’s not often that invites you to dine in a bona-fide garage but in the case of the Bluebird in Chelsea, we say ‘be their guest!’. With an enchanting history and an uber-modern and stylish overhaul, it’s a glorious venue that will charm your socks off. The Bluebird is an empire; with a shop, an epicerie style grocery, a café, bakery, courtyard, bar, restaurant and no less than four private dining rooms. It was built as a large garage in 1923 for the Bluebird Motor company and was modernized by Sir Terence Conran’s group in 1997. Finally refurbished and relaunched in 2007, is has become the magnificent ‘Bluebird Gastrodome’ that stands before us today.

The listed building owned by the D&D group (formerly the Conran group) is quite unique with art deco features and an elaborate Americana feel. The structure itself is a real talking point not least with its appealing outdoor courtyard out front which is perfect for soaking up the surrounding vicinity of King’s Road. The round bar is set amidst the main restaurant on the first floor which is in fact situated within the old showroom. It is here you can take a pre-dinner aperitif if you wish and you’ll be able to enjoy the atmosphere and spectacle in doing so. Marvellous glass ceiling panels are encased by an industrial steel frame creating a dramatic chapel effect and allowing light to flood in during the day.

The first private dining room has a prime spot overlooking this vast chamber. Seating 26-32, it hovers on a mezzanine level within the eaves at the back of the central room. You are at one with the diners and feel part of the majestic construction whilst simultaneously feeling entirely separate, encased behind a large glass window. Décor is as you’d expect from designer Conran and his gang and is fresh, funky and with an emphasis on prints. In this case, the bird motif wallpaper in black and silver sings out against the minimalist contemporary furniture in silver and white.

The largest of the private dining spaces is the Gallery room which can seat up to 70 guests. If connected with the conjoining Beaufort room as one long fluid space, 100 can be seated or the space can allow for 200 standing attendees. Not surprisingly given the Chelsea registry office close by, the Gallery is particularly popular for wedding parties. With pleasant art deco wooden surroundings, a huge glass roof and original decorative artwork, it is an airy and uplifting place for day events particularly.

The Beaufort room next door, albeit it more compact (seating up to 36), is equally as light and fresh with extensive windows, a gentle white and grey/blue colour scheme and gorgeous leather teal armchairs. A separate corridor from both rooms leads you to reception, to the toilets or to a separate private entrance on Beaufort street. Best of all, to the side of the Beaufort room is a small secluded bar area that can service either or both of the rooms. Furnished in the art deco style with retro posters and beautiful leather sofas, it allows for perfect convenience.

The last of the private dining rooms at the Bluebird is the Bluebird room on the ground floor. Next to the separate Beaufort entrance and with its own bathrooms, it allows for even greater exclusivity and is ideal for business meetings. The 1930s stamp is everywhere and the plush carpets and cosy interior is particularly suited for the winter months. It is in this room that the Bluebird memorabilia is displayed intact. Originally the member’s only club, up to 30 diners can now frequent the space and revel in the charisma and antiquity that is present. The captivating paraphernalia is a real selling point. Part private jet, part gentleman’s club, part office; the room is exquisite.

With a menu that provides a tantalizing mix of British and European classic dishes, this Chelsea restaurant has so much to offer you and your guests. If it’s a story you’re looking for, the Bluebird’s is remarkable. If you’re seeking a celebration of all things gastronomous, this is the multi-functional venue for you. This is where antique beauty meets modern luxury and the Bluebird will thrill for any occasion.