Elena’s L’Etoile review

The beauty of L’Etoile is its authenticity and simplicity. The unassuming townhouse in the middle of Charlotte Street hides a surprising number of equally surprisingly spacious private dining rooms up a creaky stairwell on the first, second and third floors. Part of their innate charm is that each room feels in some way like entering someone’s personal dining room or lounge.

Oscar’s Salon – first floor, seats from 17-38 guests (50 standing)

Elena’s Salon – second floor, seats up to 20 (30 standing)

The Victorian Salon – top floor, seats 16-20 on a round table

The Glass Room – semi-private area at the back of the main restaurant, seats up to 40 and is partitioned only by two glass walls so the buzz of the main restaurant can be enjoyed L’Etoile is the kind of place that doesn’t need to try to be cool or trendy as it has a natural style – like those in the Parisian backstreets – that transcends not only fashion and trends but also time. It’s ideal for local meetings, lunches and dinners as well as personal celebrations and special events and milestones.

The menu is classical French and with dishes like rich fish soup, duck and pan roast sea bream, it cleverly manages to feel like a timeless Parisian brasserie that’s enduringly appealing without ever feeling dated. Canapé menus can be split into hot, cold and sweet as desired. Private rooms cost £50 room hire and there’s no minimum spend.