Oct 6, 2015

Best Christmas Party Venues 2015

When it comes to finding the right venue for your Christmas party, the question is “where? Oh where to start?!” There are literally thousands of different places to choose from in and around Central London and it can be so daunting that you either end up spending hours getting in a tizzy about where to hold your bash – or so confused by the various choices that you end up doing the same as last year because it’s better the devil you know.

Well this year it’s different! To help smooth the process along we’ve broken down our list of 2015’s Top Christmas Party Venues into five bite-sized chunks – meaning you can narrow down your search for the perfect Christmas party venue really quickly and simply.

So here we go…

Are you a small team that would like to have a delicious and sophisticated meal out- perhaps you’re even going to invite partners? Click here to see our top venues for small but perfectly formed office parties.

Or are you looking to hold a big bash and have a real humdinger of a party for a whole company or large office? Check out our Fabulous Places and Spaces for large events for over 100 people where you can guarantee to have room for the whole crew with space for dancing and prancing too!

Maybe you are a carnivorous bunch? – here are our top picks of festive venues for great steaks and other meaty treats.

What about something a little different? We’ve also got the best wild & wacky spots with real WOW factor to keep your colleagues occupied on something more appropriate than each other. Try one of these venues & give them something else to do with their hands and eyes – guaranteed to provide fun and games that are suitable for everyone.

And what if you’re tired of central London? Well, you don’t have to be tired of life – because there’s plenty of action out in the suburbs now too. Try our Best of the ‘Burbs selection for some close to home gourmet hotspots.