Chotto Matte Marylebone

Nikkei - Japanese Peruvian Fusion |
Seats up to 70 |
£110+ per person
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    Nestled in London’s idyllic Marylebone, Chotto Matte stands as an unrivalled icon of culinary innovation and cosmopolitan allure.

    Revered for its ground-breaking Japanese Peruvian Cuisine, meticulously curated cocktails and an ambiance that sparks with magnetic energy, this is no ordinary dining destination – It’s an immersive journey for the senses.

    Private dining events at Chotto Matte Marylebone

    Step into the dynamic world of Chotto Matte, where our versatile event spaces stand ready to put on the perfect backdrop for your occasion. Whether it’s a power lunch, an intimate dinner, or an exclusive celebration, our dynamic restaurant offers a tailored experience like no other.

    Marvel at the chic contemporary interior, inspired by our Japanese and Peruvian roots, every corner tells a story.

    Nikkei Cuisine at Chotto Matte Marylebone

    Nikkei Cuisine is a unique culinary fusion that blends Japanese cooking techniques together with traditional Peruvian ingredients. At Chotto Matte you can expect a showcase of elevated Japanese Peruvian cuisine, artfully plated to perfection.

    Combining these culinary traditions with locally sourced ingredients, internationally renowned Executive Chef Jordan Sclare takes an artistic approach, always keeping excellence at the forefront.

    A celebration of fresh, local, high-quality ingredients, Chotto Matte is dedicated to providing an authentic, eco-conscious experience – working with producers who prioritise ethical farming practices.