A staple of most British diets, Chinese is one of the UK’s favourite cuisines, having risen from its humble origins of the Saturday night Chinese takeaway, to the dizzy heights of China Tang in the Dorchester and Hutong in The Shard.

A world away from 1980’s sweet and sour pork, London’s Chinese restaurants are now some of the world’s finest, with modern Chinese cuisine now also being defined by regions such as Cantonese, Sichuan and Northern regional as well as morphing seamlessly into pan-Asian, modern Asian descriptions.

Many of London’s Chinese and Chinese-influenced restaurants now boast stunning private dining rooms, featuring the culturally iconic sleek dark lacquered walls, flaming reds of dragons and more.

In the know: The once humble dim sum are now ‘a thing’. They’ve hit gastro-heights and are now a feature of both Michelin starred and cool modern Chinese venues. It’s a fun concept and a fabulous option for an original and interesting shared culinary experience – perfect for private events.