Manicomio Chelsea review

This pretty restaurant is located in the thriving Duke of York Square just next to the Saatchi gallery. Treasured by the Chelsea glitterati, this is a cosy and fashionable spot ideal for private celebrations. The atmosphere is second to none; the place bustles with the trendy jeans and diamonds set and staff are fun and chatty. On entering, you are greeted by a bubbly host and ushered through the lively Manicomio restaurant. The energy is infectious and before long, you should be smiling too. Certainly, the private dining area is something to smile about.

Located at the back of the venue, you have an entire conservatory and outdoor heated patio area to yourself. A site could not be more accommodating for a social occasion. Beautiful glass walls and a clear ceiling envelop the tiled floor dining site, giving an al fresco feel with all the comfort and warmth of an indoor space. Old brickwork becomes a style feature in its own right. Fresh flowers spill from alcoves around the room and bring in the joy of the garden. Candelabras stand proud along the tables and candlelight suffuses the dining room, giving a golden grow to the enchanting space. Completing the magic is your own sound system with music separate to that of the public dining area.

The covered terrace is ideal for you and your guests to enjoy a pre-dinner drink in the balmy weather of summer months. On sitting to eat, you’ll lose yourself to the rustic allure of the room. In this jovial, relaxed restaurant in Chelsea, let the atmosphere wrap around you and enjoy the type of outdoorsy sitting area that you’ll wish you had at home.