L’Escargot Restaurant review

A cultural experience: excellent food, excellent drink and excellent art.

A building which was once used as a snail farm –  the name of the restaurant being a legacy of this – L’Escargot, or ‘The Snail’, now breeds nothing but an exquisite dining culture and with three private dining rooms to choose from there is plenty opportunity for you and your guests to share this way of life.

The first of the three simulates a traditional English townhouse reception room with a working fireplace, an ornate ceiling and a range of art on the walls. Looking onto the excitement of Greek Street, this room is London in its prime.

The Library, meanwhile, offers complete privacy with art deco features, a built in marble bar and an diverse selection of art and literature.

The final private dining room brings the restaurant’s artistic flair into a more modern environment with an eclectic mix of furniture, dark and dramatic arched walls. L’Escargot is the perfect prey for any culture vulture.