Rajesh Maharjan

How long have you been at the restaurant?

I joined the Roseate Reading kitchen in January 2018. By 2019 we won a Restaurant of the year title as well as receiving the award of Chef of the year.

Which was the first restaurant you worked in?

After working in a number of hotel kitchens in my home country of Nepal, including the first Radisson hotel in Kathmandu, I spent two years working at a 5-star hotel in Dubai learning Modern European cuisine.

My first restaurant in the UK was at the 5-star Monkey Island Estate in Bray.

What was the last London restaurant you went to, apart from your own?

I last visited London to dine at Hakkasan Mayfair, however the last restaurant I went to was the Hind’s Head Bray.

What or who has been the biggest influence on the way you cook and why?

My culinary journey began in Nepal over 25 years ago where I began training with my uncle and I discovered my passion for creating fine cuisine by working with many of the finest Chefs in Nepal.

What is your personal signature dish?

Lamb is my favourite food to cook with and create some incredible dishes, so I couldn’t possible pick just one for my personal signature!

Which other chef’s do you most admire?

I most admire Gaggan Anand (Gaggan Anand Restaurant) and Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park).

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is knowing that guests are leaving happy, satisfied and itching to come back as soon as possible!

And the worst?

Certainly working under pressure as a chef, but also the high standards you place on yourself. I am not happy unless that guest is 100% happy too.

What would your last meal be?

My last meal would be one of the native dishes from my home country of Nepal, which has got to be Barbecued Buffalo meat.

Do you have a chef’s shortcut that you can share with us?

Not a shortcut as such, but having the right mind-set as a Chef always goes a very long way. I instil in my team to always have the right attitude and to ultimately really understand each of the ingredients you are working with to know how to create an incredible dish.