Paul Greening

Paul GreeningHow long have you been at the restaurant?
2 years.

Which was the first restaurant you worked in?
Appelmans (Dutch Restaurant) What was the last London restaurant you went to, apart from your own? Chapter One.

What or who has been the biggest influence on the way you cook and why?
Reading, nature, natural processes and healthy ways to cook and produce dishes.

What is your personal signature dish?
Suckling pork belly with eel, root vegetables, wakame, jade oil.

Which other chef(s) do you most admire?
Simon Rogan, for bringing an organic approach and foraging to the fore.

What’s the best part of your job?
Meeting new and interesting people.

And the worst?

What would your last meal be?
Pork & Prawn Salad by Martin Boetz.

Do you have a chef’s shortcut that you can share with us?
There are no shortcuts in cooking.