Apr 15, 2020

COVID-19 and the hospitality sector

The Coronavirus pandemic is the most momentous health emergency that the world has faced for a hundred years. The disease has swept across the globe in a matter of months and is causing untold suffering to the hundreds of thousands of people affected and the many thousands of people who have tragically died from it.

Our hearts go out to all affected and we extend our huge thanks and appreciation to the hundreds of thousands of people in the UK – including NHS staff, public service workers, food delivery chain key workers, post workers, delivery drivers and volunteers … the list is endless – whose incredible efforts are keeping us all fed, safe and protected.

All of our lives have all been massively disrupted with our day to day activities curtailed in ways that we could not have imagined just a few short weeks ago.

During a time like the Covid-19 emergency it seems incongruous to think about private dining rooms at UK restaurants and hotels – not least of all bearing in mind that the country’s hospitality industry has been temporarily shut down, due to wholly appropriate government restrictions on social gatherings, as part of the national effort to prevent spread of the virus.

While those of us who are not key workers must all do our bit to help – be it by volunteering to help the NHS, caring for the elderly with food delivery assistance, adhering to social distancing guidelines or simply staying indoors – it is essential that we all try to remain positive and remind ourselves that the spread of the virus will be contained and within a matter of months a semblance of normality will return to our every day lives, ultimately leading to a return to the pleasures in life that so many people enjoy including social events such as dining out with friends, family and colleagues.

Private dining is a niche type of event which lends itself to private celebration lunches and dinners with friends and family as well as corporate group dining events.

Once a semblance of normality returns to our lives people will be looking to book rooms at restaurants and hotels for private birthday, anniversary and wedding celebrations and companies will be actively seeking private spaces for their corporate breakfast meetings, lunches and dinners – as well as, of course, their Christmas party events.

To do that they will need to find the most appropriate venues which meet their requirements including room capacity, ambience, price, cuisine and location.

Private Dining Rooms has established itself during the last twelve years as being the premier go-to resource for people searching for private dining rooms for their events in London and other major cities in the United Kingdom.

Our unrivaled knowledge of venues throughout the country with private dining rooms available to hire for a vast range of events has enabled us to become the first port of call for people seeking such a service.

We work closely with all leading restaurant and hotel groups in the UK as well as an impressive selection of privately owned restaurants in London and our list of contacts in the industry is second to none.

Private Dining Rooms continues to operate during the Covid-19 health emergency and we are contactable by email via our contact page.