May 23, 2013

Cheeky Cocktails With A View

On the 24th floor of The Hilton Met on Edgware Road, there’s a hidden gem: Minako. Not only is it a stunning private room with panoramic views over London’s skyline and Hyde Park, even more than that, I discovered on my recent visit there that they do some fantastic mojitos. Just think, a mojito with an Asian twist, what could be nicer?
They using a special branded rum, Plantation Free, which comes from the Pierre Ferrand Cognac dynasty, so the rum is aged in cognac barrels to give it that little extra je ne sais quoi. To that they add Absolut Citron, Disaronno, Thai basil and fresh grapes.
All for £11.50.
Perfect for pre-dinner drinks or a impromptu get together after work.