Kensington Palace

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Seats up to 230 |
£40+ per person
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Surrounded by parkland, Kensington Palace offers a welcome retreat from the nearby hustle and bustle of London. Its understated elegance makes the palace an ideal companion to the Royal Parks’ tranquil gardens and ponds.

Yet behind this calm, peaceful façade your guests will discover a spirited venue of royal extravagance and magnificent beauty, full of lively stories of rivalry, politics, heartache and romance.

For centuries Kensington Palace has been a backdrop for spectacular social occasions, the scene of intimate gatherings and a place for cementing royal business. Once a magnet for political ambition and royal intrigue, the palace is now an enchanting venue for dinners and receptions with an atmosphere of artistry, fashion and style.

This beautiful palace offers you a variety of exciting, versatile spaces for hire. We will give you first-class, personal service from day one, right through to the end of what will be an unforgettable event for your guests.

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