Mosimann’s Private Dining Club review

I will always have a soft spot for Mosimann’s Private Dining Club, it being the first place I ever worked. Not many venues can look as good as one’s memory pictures them, but Mosimann’s has lost none of its sparkle, in fact it retains its timeless allure and elegance whilst feeling fresh and remaining bang up to date.

The building itself was once a Presbyterian Church, so it’s interior and ambience are unique to say the least. The main restaurant is overlooked by a circular balcony bar area above – only to be used by members or during an exclusive hire of the whole venue.

There are five private dining rooms within the club, all sponsored by different luxury brands. Each one has been decorated to the brand’s unique style.

On the first floor the Lalique Room (for up to 12) is elegantly decorated in a light stone grey with stunning pieces of glassware such as the oversized ornate table legs and striking glass wall lamps giving it a quietly understated and feminine feel; the Bentley Room (for up to 14) is more masculine in style with a long purple light, a stunning table made of the mahogany used in the iconic cars’ dashboards, while a tinted glass cabinet and artwork all feature Bentley memorabilia and collectables.

Then there’s the Montblanc room for just two guests – a uniquely romantic room, its c-shaped banquette, waterfall chandelier, beige tones and elegant atmosphere mean this room is as often used for wedding proposals as for confidential meetings.

On the second floor, the Parmigani room is one of the most popular private dining spaces as it is ideal for a self-contained party, having its own cloakroom and al fresco balcony. Seating up to 24 on a long table, 30 on three rounds or 50 standing, the room’s focal points are the original arched church windows and the artistic light mirroring the Parmigani logo.

The muted tones of the room allow for great versatility, from cocktail receptions and lunches to dinners, birthdays and weddings as the room is licensed.

Upstairs again is the Garrard room, perhaps the most atmospheric private dining room. An octagonal room with the original wooden arches at the apex of the church, it seats up to 50 on round tables or 18 on one long table with room for pre and post dinner drinks. The room’s décor of ‘shades of grey’ is complimented by the natural daylight which comes flooding into the room making it ideal for lunches as well as romantic and intimate gatherings in the evening.

The Davidoff room is in the bowels of Mosimann’s – a self-contained room with a viewing window into the kitchen. It’s the perfect way to get the flavour of the kitchen without the smells and noise. Seating up to 6, the décor is reminiscent of a gentleman’s study with wood panelling, a leather table and red leather library chairs – perfect for a business meeting with an added interest factor as well as intimate dinners for avid foodies.

Finally, the Lanson library is located just off the main restaurant and is a semi private area allowing guests to soak up the luxuriously elegant atmosphere of the main dining room. With a striking marble fireplace and mirrored doors, the room can seat up to 30 on round tables or 20 on a long table with space for pre dinner drinks.

The menus for all rooms start from £60 for three courses including tea, coffee, petit fours and VAT but excluding service, rising to £118 for 5 or 6 course tasting menus.

Tables are all laid with crisp white linen and silver animal decorations. It’s also worth noting that the renowned florist Detta Philips supplies the club with stunning and unusual creations that take florists’ work into the realms of artistry.

Room hire rates range from £225 to £850. The whole club can be hired exclusively – especially on Sundays, when it is usually closed.