Mews of Mayfair review

First things first with this venue, it’s tucked away so well that you’ll probably walk past the courtyard’s entrance. Secondly though, that’s exactly what makes the Mews of Mayfair so absolutely magical. To be in the West End of London and to stumble across this secret gem, you’d be forgiven for just a bit of childish glee. Stepping into the courtyard of Lancashire court is like stepping into an Italian piazza. Let the enchantment of this unique and pretty space amaze you as you remind yourself you’re in the centre of urban London. Stroll through and you’ll reach an alleyway sprinkled with outdoor tables and herein lies the sprawling Mews of Mayfair.

This restaurant and its private dining rooms is far from conventional. It brings a Mediterranean flavour to its hospitality which is just perfect for these warmer months. Guests float along the lane between outdoor seating zones, the art gallery, the ‘Wine Room’ private dining space and the mews building itself which welcomes people via its open bar. This establishes a lovely ambiance and if ever you’d want to smile at the table next to you, this would be the place. That does not mean of course that the Mews of Mayfair doesn’t do private. In fact, there are several options to choose from. The Art Gallery is ideal for launches and receptions, allowing for up to 40 for drinks and canapés with optional outdoor tables and doors to be open or shut.

The basement Lounge is ideal for a party; with a private DJ and plenty of space and squidgy seating to allow guests to sip, mingle and nibble. The Wine Room private dining room is gentleman’s club perfected with dark wood, brown leather and best of all, a superb wine list. Here, 16 guests can sit and dine, surrounded by exquisite bottles and with a separate couch area for pre-dinner drinks. Last but not least, on the fourth floor is the ‘Map Room’, a large light room set in the eaves of the building. The wallpaper is just simply splendid; a bold choice of pastel shaded, antique maps that works perfectly. With natural light flooding in, capacity for up to 28 seating and a window into the kitchen to see the gifted chefs hard at work, this lovely space cries out to host memorable celebrations. Mews of Mayfair in London’s West End is an ingenious manipulation of dining spaces that will transport you far, far from the Big Smoke. Like all the best imaginary worlds of your childhood, it is fun, mystical and memorable.