Boisdale of Belgravia

Wherever possible, Boisdale ingredients are sourced directly from Scotland – one of the world’s most magnificent larders with an unrivalled reputation for the finest beef, lamb, game and seafood. The most famous Scottish export after whisky – smoked salmon – comes to Boisdale from award-winning, small family-owned farms and smokehouses. Lochcarnan hot-smoked salmon from the isle of South Uist, Dunkeld oak-smoked and wild Scottish salmon have won many awards and form an integral part of the Boisdale menu.

Other fish specialities include the diver-gathered Orkney King scallops, Loch Ryan native oysters, organic west Minch salmon from South Uist, sweet dill-pickled herring from the Summer Isles, as well as abundant varieties of other seafood.

Gourmets can also delight in arguably the best beef in the world: 28-40 day matured purebred dry aged Aberdeenshire steak as well as other remarkable meat that includes highland Black-face lamb which has grazed on salt-licked pastures of wild grasses and herbs and heather.

Sourcing the greatest grass-fed Aberdeenshire beef is crucial to Boisdale but equally so is the attention to detail involved in the dry ageing and the actual cutting. In this day and age these skills are fast being lost and the vast majority of British beef is poorly butchered, vacuum-packed and not aged on the bone, which is essential to achieve the real beef flavour that lingers for minutes on the palate. The very finest quality does come with a price, but once tasted it is undeniably worth it. All the beef supplied to Boisdale is from the very best certified beef suckler herds of Aberdeenshire.

Boisdale is wild about game and all manner of chase and fowl find their way to the tables, be it red grouse – the ultimate game bird uniquely indigenous to Scotland and northern England or Highland venison, the regulars’ favourite served hot smoked with a black truffle dressing. Wild fowl, hare, partridge – all can be enjoyed in the Boisdale restaurants when in season.

Haggis, the unevolved medieval sausage, is the legendary national dish of Scotland, immortalised by poet Robert Burns in the 18th century. The dish is much loved all over the world and at Boisdale it is served traditionally with mash & bashed neeps and a noggin of Scottish whisky. Macsween of Edinburgh haggis is always used – made according to a family recipe handed down from generation to generation and which finally came to market more than 120 years ago. To add more flavour and texture to the haggis, we roast it rather than boil it.

At Boisdale we believe that there are textural and flavoursome delights to be experienced from eating various parts of the animal and our chefs embrace snout to tail eating with offal of the day featured permanently on the house Specialities Menu.

The Scots have always had an affinity for home baking as well as a sweet tooth, therefore puddings at Boisdale are taken very seriously.  Amongst many traditional desserts, a toasted sultana & rasin bread with strawberries and cream or the more elaborate Cranachan made with toasted oatmeal steeped in whisky and folded into whipped cream flavoured with fresh raspberries, regularly feature on the dessert menu. Scottish berries, in particular raspberries and strawberries, are exceptionally tasty and present, in the summer, a lighter option to a traditional pudding.